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My Girl !!
A few words first:
I was really glad to work on this project, and doubly so that it was the one that got me into scanlation. I liked pretty much every character, shed a tear once in a while, and simply enjoyed the overall ride provided by SAHARA Mizu.
However if the adventure with My Girl stops here,there are lots of new projects awaiting, but to work on them I'll need your help! So Random Fan is recruiting, for any post, though if there is no translator we won't go far. I don't have much experience with cleaning and editing, so I can't form anyone, but if you're eager to learn there are many tutorials on the internet, Youtube, or whatever. There's no experience required.

Well, after this,I give you the end of My Girl:
Chapter 43
Chapter 44 (END) 

Hope you enjoyed this series as much as I did!

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Thank you

Dear Random Fan,

On behalf of everyone who has long followed the series, I'd like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking on this project and completing it.

Thank you for finishing this series... I am very grateful and satisfied that I could read this manga to the very end. Without this scanlation site I may have never even finished this series. Thank you again this series was simply beautiful. When this book is available in my area I will totally buy all the volumes to this beautiful series.

You're awesome. Thanks a lot!

Thanks for scanlating this series and sticking with it to the end! I really enjoyed it!

Thank you for scanlating and finishing this beautiful series!

Thank you!

Wow, this journey has finally come to an end... *sniff* I'd like to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for all the hard work you put into this project <3

damn, all the good words has been posted here, im seconding all those post and thank you auwx and Random Fan for doing this series

Tahnk you so much

Dear Random Fan,
Thank you so much for completing My Girl. I really enjoy this series as much as your best work presenting My Girl to us. Really looking forward to your next project. Thank you so much


Thank you so much. You are the best!!!

thk u so much for completing this series.........<3.....

kyaann!!! thank you so, so, so, soo muuchh for all the hard works!!! congrats for completing the series!!

i think i can help with cleaning. i have experience with photoshop and cleaning, a bit.. if u need help..

Thank you very much for completing this lovely series!
Had a hard time holding back my tears ;v;

Good luck with future projects. I'm sure to stick around if I find sth to my liking ;)

thanks for this i thought i'd have to learn french or japanese to finish this manga

Thank you so much ,you did a wonderful job . good luck with the next project!


Thank you for your hard word i realy enjoyed the manga thank you very much for the work you have done :)

thank you for finishing this!! <3

aaaa thank you so much!! i can't believe it's over

Thank you so so much for everything! I love Sahara Mizu's works. Hope you will find new members for your team.

Thank You for your hard work!!!

There's nothing I can say except THANK YOU...

Thanks from In Valen's Name

Thanks for finishing this series! Nice.


And off it goes...

Well done, and much appreciated for the work done on the series... hopefully it did well enough that sahara will make more similar work.

Thank you!

For all your hard work. I love My Girl and Sahara Mizu and am ecstatic to see the conclusion!

Thank you very much for scanlating this to the end.

Good Luck to you on your future works.


Thanks so much for this series.It was a pleasure to read and for all your hard work on it, you have my upmost gratitude

Thank you so much for completing this series! I've been following this series for a long time as I am a big fan of Sahara Mizu and I'm really glad that I can read it to the end. I really appreciate your effort. Although I can't be of any help, I hope your next project goes well. Thank you once again! :)

Thank you very much for all the great job!!


its simply a great story..... following the manga was really gryt! keep up ur good work.

Thank you soooo much for seeing this through to the end! I am not alone when I say that your hard work does not go unappreciated!

I've got a [decent enough] grasp of Japanese. Let me know if you need translators! I'd be happy to help. =)

Thank you!

thank you for this! I'm gonna sit down and read the entire series now. (well, maybe on Boxing Day - I'll save it for a treat!)

again, thank you soooo much for these! I just couldn't bear to not find out how this ended!

Thank you for finishing this.

I really loved this manga, great characters! I found myself crying quite a few times :)

Thank you very much for sharing this great manga !

Thank you very much once again for translating this lovely series ;w;

By the way, have you considered translating Sahara-sensei's new work, Itsuya-san?
It looks like a really promising one ♥

Thank you again for your hard work!

My girl

I loved reading my girl it was great hope to read more like it and thanks .

A million thanks for completing My Girl

thank you

You have no idea how much thankful I am that you have taken on the project and completing it. I had followed series for so long that I had almost given up on the series. This manga is at my top five mangas' that I can't live without. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Thank you!

It's one greatest manga out there, for me. Thank you for finishing this series

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