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New project and start of a cooperation.
Hi everyone! I know we're short on releases these days, but believe me when I say it's going to change.
Keeping things short, alchemist11 from Marshmallow scans and I have begun a cooperation that will last for a bit of time I think and will concern several projects, which I shall not list right now. I clean and edit, and they translate and proofread/quality check. Check their site out : http://ichimarshmallow.wordpress.com/

So, first project, Usagi Drop, last volume. I know there is a group who just picked it up, but the chapter was both translated and edited when they released it, so we're doing the same. We'll see how it works with them soon.

Anyway, here it is: Usagi Drop 10-3
Also, for the moment, please don't upload this on any reader. We'll se about later.

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so you are going to do okusan...
why do a project that another group is doing...

Thank you so much.
Happy Valentine's Day!

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