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Hotman 144
As promised, an other release of Hotman. And as I said before, sorry about the late release, my bad.
Probably a turning point chapter by the way.

Anyway, here it is! Enjoy!

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damn thx a lot i was thinking ill never see another chapter and here it is :)

Woohoo, Another chapter!!! Thank you.


Me gusta mucho Hotman. Muchas gracias por tu esfuerzo y trabajo. Sigue asi. Gracias

Thank you for continuing scanlation of this series.


Once again thx a lot for the chapter! Glad to see we're slowly getting to the end of Hotman. (The slow pace is actually a good thing, it adds up thrill and excitment whenever a new chapter comes out and makes the manga more enjoyable :D
Keep up the nice work.

wow only one chapter now to finish volume 13 ! Thanks a lot for your work :)


Thank you

Thank you for all your hard work you have put into this, so from the deepest parts of my heart i thank you for all the effort that has been placed into this release.

This is one of those mangas that makes me yearn for a new chapter. Thank you so much for translating it!

Came here because of the link you gave in one of "My Girl" chapter, and looks like you're really keen on manga with parenting subject. Thumbs up for your work! Hotman is kind of exotic, IMO, so nice that someone translates this one.

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