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Hotman 145
And sorry... Really, really sorry about the long delay, but it's just that time of the year (exams, thesis, you say it.)
Anyway, here is Hotman 145, the end of volume 13.
And Seigi no Mikata should follow relatively soon (i.e. when I can find some time, so it should be by the end of this week end)

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Thanks for the release! That's the end of volume 13 and just two volumes more to go.

Thanks a lot for the new release, happy to hear some news from you :)

just wondering will there be more???????? and thx a lot for chapter


Thank you for your work! I love this manga

Thank you

really appreciate the fact that you're working to translate this series, it's fine work you're doing.

Please do an update soon. It has been two months. This is such a good manga!

P-please come back!

You're so close to completing this manga. ;_;

Seigi no Mikata

So far this has been the most interesting josei I've read. I really hope that you can find the time to work on it!! I can even help with the editing if you need it~

P-please update random French guy who scanlates what he can and likes. ;_;

Please continue this translation again!

It has been a year now. Please come back to this series.

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