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My Girl 42
And, just as promised,yet another new chapter! Only 2 remaining now, should be done by the end of next week. So before the end of the world, lucky guys!

I really like this one, and I think you'll do too. 
Also, as mentioned in the credit page, tell us about any manga you'd like to see scanlated : be it discontinued for more than 6 months (with new chapters available), or a new one, don't hesitate, I'll try to take a look at all of them. Two things however : Not. A. Manga. That's. Licensed. In. English. Also, if it was not published in french, I'll need to find a translator first, as niflheim is plenty busy already. So if you're interested in this job, please tell me!

Well, after these words, I give you My Girl 42!

My Girl 41
Yep, still another one. I'm going as fast as possible to release right now, in order to finish it before I leave on vacations. So expect other chapters soon!

Anyway ( I really like that word), here you go with the chapter. Hope you enjoy it!

My Girl 40
And a new chapter of My Girl is here!
Same as before, it was done from the french version.
Anyway, a pretty good one if you ask me. If your heart doesn't clench a bit you're probably a monster, you should check.

Enjoy, here it is!

My Girl 39
Sorry for the long delay, but here you go with a new chapter of My Girl. Due to some troubles, this one was only done by this group, so the translation is from the French version.

Well anyway, enjoy this chapter!

Hotman 140
Hi guys ! 
Here is a new release of Hotman, enjoy !
A note about the chapter : it took a bit of time because we were quite busy, sorry about that. But as I said, I don't impose a schedule on anybody (on me least of all), so  as much as we try to release regularly, we don't drop everything else to finish the chapter.

Also, same problem with My Girl, hopefully the chapter should be out next week.

Hotman 139
Here you go with a new chapter. Enjoy!

Brought to you by niflheim as translator, ennei as proofreader and me as editor as always.

Please leave a comment if you liked the release!

Hotman 138
And we are assembled today for a new chapter of Hotman.
I would have like to put a sound effect like "Tu Tu Tum" at the end, but well...

Anyway, here it is, enjoy this chapter translated by niflheim, proofread by ennei and edited by your servant!

Please comment if you did!
Also, I'll say it for one last time, please prefer Batoto over other online readers.

Hotman 137
Hi everyone !
A new chapter is here, enjoy!
As always, translated by niflheim, proofread by ennei, and edited by me.

Here you go!

(Insert usual speech here)

My Girl 38.
And here we go with an other chapter of My Girl, once again wih many thanks to Futari wa Pretty Anon.

the 38th, only 6 chapters remaining now !

Here it is. PreferBatoto, and please leave a comment if you like the release !

Hotman should follows oon.

Hotman 136
Hi guys !
Once again, I won't bore you with anything, straight to the chapter 
So a new chapter, translated by niflheim, proofread by ennei and edited by me.

Here it is, Hotman 136.

Please use Batoto (I might be getting annoying on that point but it's for the good of scanlation as a whole), and leave a comment if you like the release !


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