Hotman 145

And sorry... Really, really sorry about the long delay, but it's just that time of the year (exams, thesis, you say it.)
Anyway, here is Hotman 145, the end of volume 13.
And Seigi no Mikata should follow relatively soon (i.e. when I can find some time, so it should be by the end of this week end)

Hotman 144

As promised, an other release of Hotman. And as I said before, sorry about the late release, my bad.
Probably a turning point chapter by the way.

Anyway, here it is! Enjoy!

Seigi No Mikata !

Sorry about the long time since the last release, I'm the only one to blame :  I've just been really busy with exams. It should go back to normal from now on.

Aaaand we're beginning a new series : Seigi No Mikata, which has not been updated for 10 months. To that end, we welcome a new translator : Ruki! Also the one proofreading it will be Zura, and as always I'll take care of the editing. By the way, Still recruiting editors!

Well here we go with chapter 11!

Hotman should follow in the week.

Usagi 10-4

Here for a new chapter of USagi Drop. We couldn't contact the other team, so we'll just finish that project quickly as the translations are nearly done. Afterwards we'll switch to an other one. Once again, many thanks to Marshmallow scans.

Here it is : Usagi Drop 10-4

New project and start of a cooperation.

Hi everyone! I know we're short on releases these days, but believe me when I say it's going to change.
Keeping things short, alchemist11 from Marshmallow scans and I have begun a cooperation that will last for a bit of time I think and will concern several projects, which I shall not list right now. I clean and edit, and they translate and proofread/quality check. Check their site out :

So, first project, Usagi Drop, last volume. I know there is a group who just picked it up, but the chapter was both translated and edited when they released it, so we're doing the same. We'll see how it works with them soon.

Anyway, here it is: Usagi Drop 10-3
Also, for the moment, please don't upload this on any reader. We'll se about later.

Hotman 141

Well, sorry about the long time it took to release this chapter, but here it is at last!

Hotman 141

Also, we're recruiting for new projects, probably Rideback and Seigi no Mikata, so if you're interested send me a message here or on All positions, but if there's no japanese translator there's no job to give. Did I ever tell you I love Japanese translators by the way?

Oh and almost forgot : Happy new year, hope it'll be a good one!

My Girl !!

A few words first:
I was really glad to work on this project, and doubly so that it was the one that got me into scanlation. I liked pretty much every character, shed a tear once in a while, and simply enjoyed the overall ride provided by SAHARA Mizu.
However if the adventure with My Girl stops here,there are lots of new projects awaiting, but to work on them I'll need your help! So Random Fan is recruiting, for any post, though if there is no translator we won't go far. I don't have much experience with cleaning and editing, so I can't form anyone, but if you're eager to learn there are many tutorials on the internet, Youtube, or whatever. There's no experience required.

Well, after this,I give you the end of My Girl:
Chapter 43
Chapter 44 (END) 

Hope you enjoyed this series as much as I did!