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Seigi No Mikata !
Sorry about the long time since the last release, I'm the only one to blame :  I've just been really busy with exams. It should go back to normal from now on.

Aaaand we're beginning a new series : Seigi No Mikata, which has not been updated for 10 months. To that end, we welcome a new translator : Ruki! Also the one proofreading it will be Zura, and as always I'll take care of the editing. By the way, Still recruiting editors!

Well here we go with chapter 11!

Hotman should follow in the week.

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Thank you for the new release and picking up this series.

Life is always full of speed bumps and detours... So I really appreciate your work and effort in order to bring this manga.

XD Thank you so much! Been missing this series for a long time.


Thank you guys so much for picking this up. It's hilarious, and I'm looking forward to the next chapters. :))

Wouldn't it be better to contact MangaArt group?
Acccording to their site they are going to release 'Seigi no mikata'.
Maybe you two could collaborate and all.

You guys are awesome!!

OMGG, I can't thank you enough for picking up this series~!
This is a great series and certainly deserved a lot more love than what it was getting before. I hope you guys enjoy scanlating this series, cause its great!!

Thank you SOO SOO much again!!!


Best ever!

I just love this manga! Big thanks for your work on this manga and please do countinue to translate it! Again, big thanks to all of you for doing it!


Thank you! I've been following this manga since 4-5 years ago so I'm really happy when I see it's being updated. Hopefully I'll finish by within the next 4 years...

I second contacting MangaArt

Despite slow releases they're still releasing the manga and I don't think they planned to drop it at all. Perhaps a collaboration would make things much easier. :(

This amazingly funny series was so long on my wish list. Thanks to you I finally got around to reading it. You have my gratitude!

Thank You!

Thank you so much for translating this manga!! I absolutely love this story and I really appreciate the time you are taking to translate this. I am excited that a new chapter has came out after a long wait.


Thank you for this!!!! I have patiently wait for this update and thank you for making it come true.

Forever your supporter!!! :X

I love you guys

Thank you. *wipes tear* Thank you for deciding to pick this up. I'm so happy. This manga is the most hilarious thing ever.

I appreciate the release! Thanks.


Thanks for the release! It didn't look like MangaArt was going to update any time soon. Do you have an idea when the next release will be?

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